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Worry Buster Children's / Kids / Inclusive Mental Health Bundle - Large Worry Monster - 4 Notepads - UV Light Pen - Anxiety Stress relief tool - The Honest Family

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Worry Buster Children's / Kids / Inclusive Mental Health Bundle - Large Worry Monster - 4 Notepads - UV Light Pen - The Honest Family



@thehonestfamily_ Do you have a child who is full of anxiety? Our worry monsters are perfect for combating anxiety & adding a fun element of talking about enotions. #childhoodanxiety #anxiousthoughts #anxietycheck #anxietyhelp #parentinganxiety #childrensmentalhealth #childhoodtraumacheck #worrymonstersforchildren #worrymonster ♬ original sound - The Honest Family


Introducing the 'Worry Buster' inclusive Children's Mental Health Notepad Bundle, comprising three A5 notepads, 1 A6 Notepad each with 50 pages, and a worry monster of your choice. (And now a UV Light Pen for secret messages!)This bundle aims to aid children in managing worries and anxieties by guiding them through identifying stressors, developing coping strategies, and reflecting on their emotions. It's also suitable for adults who need a guided approach to handling anxiety and stress.

The first notepad, Stress Buster, is a valuable tool enabling children to rate their worries, stress, or anxiety on a scale of 1-10. It then guides them through practical coping strategies like talking to someone, breaking problems down, writing, and physical activity. At the bottom, there's space for reflection to evaluate how they feel now, whether it's worse, the same, or better. Affirmations border the notepad, such as "I am kind," "I am brave," and "I matter," offering an extra boost of positivity and encouragement.

The How Was My Day? encourages children to reflect on their day before bedtime. It includes sections like "Three Things from the Day That Made Me Happy," "The Best Thing About Today," "The Worst Thing About Today," and "Today Made Me Feel." The page bottom has five blank stars to colour in to reflect how many stars they'd give the day.

Mini Masterpiece encourages children to draw how they're feeling inside. The central blank space allows creativity, while surrounding affirmations offer an additional positivity boost.

Nervy Notes, an A6 smaller Notepad designed to fit perfectly inside a bag or a worry monster's tummy, has a simple design suitable for various ages.

The Worry Buster Children's Mental Health Bundle is an excellent tool for helping children manage emotions. Regular use of these notepads enables children to identify stressors, develop effective coping strategies, and foster a positive life outlook. Get the Children Mental Health Notepad Bundle today and help build a strong foundation for your child’s mental well-being.

The bundle includes:

- 1 Worry Monster (Choose colour from photo)

- 1 Stress Buster A5 Notepad

- 1 How Was My Day A5 Notepad

- 1 Mini Masterpiece A5 Notepad

- 1 Nervy Notes A6 Notepad

- 1 x UV Light Pen (Please indicate pen colour preference in order notes; we'll try to accommodate where possible. Note: Pen ink colour is the same)

*The Honest Family products support well-being and promote a positive mindset. However, they aren't substitutes for professional help, therapy, or medical advice.

If experiencing persistent mental health issues, seek assistance from a qualified professional. Seeking support shows strength and proactive steps towards well-being.

For immediate support or crisis situations, contact Samaritans at 116 123 for confidential emotional support, available 24/7.


*The Honest Family advocates mental health awareness and provides tools that complement professional support. Use our products alongside medical or therapeutic guidance.

For queries or concerns, contact our customer support team for assistance.*


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Customer Reviews

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Great bundle

I bought this bundle for my six year old son. The worry monster is so soft and cuddly. My son loves the UV pen, it makes filling in the pads more exciting and encourages children who are reluctant to write. The combination of the pads and worry monster enable parents to discuss issues that are making their child anxious.


I really like this, the worry monster lives at the end of my bed- ready for any problems.


Bought bundle for my 11 year old daughter who has always been a worrier. She has used this bundle every day since we got it and has said how helpful it is to be able to write things down and decide how to best deal with her worries on her own before coming to mum and dad, giving her independence and problem solving skills. Wish we had it years ago!