About us

What is The Honest Family

The Honest Family was set up by Lauren and James after mental health struggles and the loss of their son Leo.

Lauren & James know they cannot take away the hurt of loss, mental health struggles or grief, but they can sit with you in the darkness and create products to help you through.

Are you therapists?

We are not therapists although our products are recommended by therapists. Our knowledge of mental health comes from lived experiences both in mental health services both before and after the loss of Leo. We know the safety net for catching people suffering with their mental health is covered in holes where people slip through the net and we want to help support those people.

Do you sell to businesses?

Absolutely we do! We've had multiple companies both big and small purchase notepads for their employees to help support their mental health, keep staff morale high and actually reduce sickness levels too. There has been a large rise in absences related to anxiety, stress, depression and other psychiatric illnesses which account for around a quarter of all sick days - The Nuffield Trust

If you'd like to discuss a bulk order discount please email lauren@thehonestfamily.co.uk

Who is 'The Honest Family'?

Well there's a few ways to answer this question, the honest family is everyone who is part of our community but the faces you'll see most are Lauren and James (occasionally the kids too) and Gracie our behind the scenes graphic designer.

Our Reason Why

Everyone has a story, here's ours.

After 6 years of trying and going through IVF we got pregnant with our miracle Leo. He was born prematurely and only lived for 8 days. We were surrounded by darkness and leaving the hospital with all but a leaflet, we wanted to create something to help and support others in a way is tangible. Leo is a huge part of our story and we do many things in his memory including RAK4LEO which is Random Acts of Kindness for Leo each year on his birthday 5th February.

Our products are made from experience, made from love and made to help as much as we can without popping round for a cup of tea (once I can teleport I'll be offering that service too)

"The Honest Family saved me, they pulled me back from the brink of doing something I couldn't take back. When I couldn't see through the darkness you were a light, Thank you"