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Mystery Stationery Wellbeing Bargain Box - The Honest Family - 10 Items

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Mental Health, Cheeky or Sweary

The Honest Family Stationery wellbeing Mystery box contains 10 items as listed below.

The Variation of stationery and wellbeing items have been randomly selected and will vary. You may receive the same design on the mug and bag as all items chosen at random.

Mystery boxes include, 1 mug, 2 notepads, 1 notebook, 3 pens, 1 medium item, 2 smaller items.

There is a total of 10 mugs, 6 notebooks, 11 notepads, 11 pens, 14 tote bags (medium), 12 cosmetic bags, (medium) 5 small items in the selection pool.

Mug Product Selection Pool

Mental Health -

Positive Affirmation - 11oz

Lion Take Pride - 11oz

Elephant Strong Mind - 11oz

Just Breathe - 11oz

Stronger than you know - 11oz

Giraffe Stand Tall - 11oz

Cheeky Variations

Cow - Moody - 11oz

Camel Hump 11oz

Load of Carp - 11oz

Sweary Variations

Fox Sake - 11oz

Sweary Pos Aff - 11oz

Namaste - 11oz

F tick box - 11oz

S tick box - 11oz

Notepad Selection Pool

Mental Health -

Mental Offload - 50 pages

Get Out Of My Head - 50 pages

Problem Solver - 50 pages

Notes To Remember - 50 pages

Daily Planner - 50 pages

Lighten The Load - 50 pages

Sweary Variations

Fork in Hell - 50 pages

Seven days - 50 pages

S I need to do - 50 pages

Notebook Selection Pool

Mental Health

One Day At A Time

Stay Positive

Manifesting Magic

Sweary Variations

Maybe Swearing Will Help

Get S Done

Be F’ing Positive

Tote Bag Selection Pool (Linen & Coloured Cotton)

Butterfly Be You

Elephant Strong Mind

Lion Strong

Be You Tiful

Stronger Than You Know


Cheeky Variations

Giving Me Hump

Load of Carp

Cow Moody

Sweary Variations

Fox Sake

Full of S

Fork In Hell


Maybe Swearing Will Help

Cosmetic Bag Selection Pool

Mental Health

Butterfly Be You

Elephant Strong Mind

Lion Strong

Be You Tiful

Sweary Variations

Full of S


Maybe Swearing Will Help

Pen Selection Pool

Mental Health

One Day At A Time

You Matter

Keep Going

I Am Enough

Manifesting Happiness

You Got This

I Deserve Happiness

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Sweary Variations

Maybe Swearing Will Help

Lets Get S Done

Take a F’ing Minute

Oh Fox Sake

Take a F Minute

Small Item Selection Pool

Anxiety Ring

World Stress Ball

Smiley Stress Ball

Star Stress Ball

Pop It Keyring

You are not guaranteed to receive any particular variation of item, and you may receive duplicates if you buy multiple boxes.

There is a 100% chance that you will receive goods that are equal to or greater than the amount you paid.

Please note that product selection is completely random from the selection pool. You are not guaranteed to receive any particular mug, notebook, medium or small product but the minimum value of the products will be equal or greater to the amount you have paid or the bundle.

Each box will be guaranteed to contain at least £55.99 of products. Buyers will receive 10 products-


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

A wide variety of products. Well worth the money.

Sue Barlow

Excellent very pleased. Quick delivery

Jo-Anna Mills

I have bought a few of these now and I have loved them all! Amazing value and such good quality items. Will be buying more

mystery box

Absolutely love my box and all things sweary, such good quality items and value for money! A fantastic business who are making the world a brighter place for so many!


Amazing mystery box, just want to say thank you to you all. Brilliant products thank you