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Free Therapy Videos

We believe that self-care and mental well-being should be at the forefront of our lives.

So when times feel tough, please use these Videos that we have had Paid Bridgewood Wellness to create so you can enjoy them for free!

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Tapping - Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)-

Sleep Support - Anxiety - Stress and Overwhelm Meditation.

Intro to Tapping

Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), is a powerful therapeutic method that combines gentle tapping on specific acupressure points with focused intention and affirmations. It can help release emotional and physical blockages, reduce stress, and promote emotional balance.

At The Honest Family, we are passionate advocates for mental health. As part of our commitment to supporting your journey towards wellbeing, we are proud to introduce our range of mental health stationery. Our carefully crafted stationery products are designed to inspire self-reflection, gratitude, and personal growth. By incorporating these tools into your mindfulness exercises and tapping practice, you can enhance your self-care routine and cultivate a positive and nurturing mindset.

In this introductory video, we are thrilled to introduce you to the transformative practice of tapping, led by our experienced guide, Vicky.

Releasing Anxiety Tapping meditation

Stress & Overwhelm Tapping Meditation

Sleep Support Tapping Video

"The Honest Family saved me, they pulled me back from the brink of doing something I couldn't take back. When I couldn't see through the darkness you were a light, Thank you"