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Pay It Forward Kindness Pot - Donation - The Honest Family

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We've made the voucher £1, you can add £1 to the pot or add 10 to your basket to make it £10, it's totally up to you!

If you know anything about us you'll know kindness is behind everything we do, each year we do RAK4LEO which is random acts of kindness in memory of our son Leo who passed away at 8 days old.

We have moved into mental health stationary and we've come across a lot of people who feel they would benefit from some mental health stationary but aren't in a financial position to be able to purchase. We had people offer to pay for people's orders which is so kind and it prompted the pay it forward kindness pot.

You can add this onto your order and all of the money will go into a pot to support someone who feels they could benefit from some mental health stationary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah Gray
Giving something back

Great way to give something back and it will go towards helping someone else.
Great idea!

Emma Astley
Great products and so helpful

I have had multiple items from The Honest Family and i have also sent some to my team and clients when they have been going through a difficult time. There are so many helpful stationary tools to support people and i can't recommend them enough xx

D Alexander
Excellent idea!

So happy to be able to put in the kindness pot and know that Lauren will pay it forward to someone who needs something on my behalf! Thank you for such a fab idea! ☺️