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Noise Reducing Ear Plugs

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Introducing our Noise-Reducing Headphones, a sanctuary amidst the chaos, designed by The Honest Family to complement their commitment to mental health prioritisation. In a world often brimming with overwhelming noise, these headphones are a vital tool in navigating sensory overload, particularly during challenging times like managing mental health struggles or processing grief.

Crafted to cocoon users in tranquility, these headphones comprehend the intensified impact of sensory overload during trying periods. By significantly diminishing external noise, they offer a shield against overwhelming environments, fostering focus, relaxation, and restoration.

Within The Honest Family's ethos of mental health prioritisation, these headphones stand as an essential companion in daily life, supporting mental well-being and aiding in managing sensory challenges. Whether seeking solace amidst urban bustle or creating a serene haven amidst life's upheavals, these noise-reducing headphones promise a refuge of tranquility in any situation.
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Customer Reviews

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Jo-Anna Mills
Perfect aid to switch off.

I wasn’t sure about these as I didn’t want to completely block out all sound. I’m glad I got them, they cut out the right amount of sound, the more high pitched sounds that made me winch are toned right now. I can sit and enjoy the quiet without feeling like I’m completely shut out from the world. Just the right amount of sound gets through without being distracting.