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Grief Guide - Your Companion Through Grief

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Have you lost someone you care about?

Need help navigating grief? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed that the world is moving on around you while you feel like you're standing still?

For Those Seeking Healing Amidst Loss

Losing a loved one transforms our world, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. The Honest Family understands this profound journey, creating a beacon of light in the form of a comprehensive 6-month Grief Guide Journal. This isn't just a guide; it's a compassionate companion designed to walk beside you through the darkest days, helping you emerge stronger into a new chapter of life.

Empowerment Through Practical Tools

This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a toolbox of coping strategies, trigger management, and daily reflections tailored to your individual needs. Over 180 days of thoughtful prompts encourage self-care, gratitude, and the documentation of cherished memories. 

Tailored Support for Every Stage

Explore the intricate path of grief with empathetic guidance, acknowledging that each person's journey is unique. The Grief Guide is structured to celebrate the life lived, understand the fluidity of emotions, and navigate the stages of grief—from denial to acceptance—with grace and patience.

Understanding and Growth

Track your emotional evolution through monthly and yearly mood trackers, gaining insights into your progress and acknowledging personal growth through quarterly reflections.

Your Companion in Healing

While this guide doesn't promise to erase sorrow, it pledges to be a steadfast companion, offering guidance, understanding, and compassion. It's not a replacement for professional assistance but a trusted hand-held support system on the path to rediscovering joy amidst grief.

You're Not Alone

The Grief Guide from The Honest Family stands as a reminder: you're not alone in this journey. Let it be your partner in healing and embracing the new normal after loss. 


  • Tailored Empathy: Addressing the unique journey of each individual experiencing grief.
  • Practical Tools: Offering coping strategies and trigger management for proactive healing.
  • Emotional Insight: Track emotional progress through mood trackers and reflections.
  • Compassionate Support: Providing guidance and understanding without replacing professional help.
  • Companion in Healing: Serving as a supportive partner through the journey of rediscovery and healing.
  • High-Quality Product: Hardback book with strong binding with high-quality printing

Will the grief guide stop the pain?

We wish we could say that buying this grief guide will take away the pain and hurt you are feeling, it won't. The grief guide is able to help you navigate through grief, process the stages and allow you to document your life after loss as you learn to navigate a new normal

Will writing help me feel better

It has now been proven that writing down your feelings even briefly can change the way your brain processes emotion and stress.

There is no timeline on grief, you may feel like you want a grief guide straight after a loss and you might find 10 years have passed and you still haven't processed your grief. The grief guide can be your companion through grief at any stage.

Can I see more about the grief guide?

We've made a page about the grief guide so you can explore more before your purchase to make sure it's right for you

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Grief Guide Journal: Navigating the New Normal After Loss by The Honest Family - A Compassionate Companion for Healing and Rediscovery

Grief Guide Journal: Navigating the New Normal After Loss by The Honest Family - A Compassionate Companion for Healing and Rediscovery

The Honest Family

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lauren James
Amazing product

This book has been a wonderful support to myself as I go through grieving my father in law. It really helps writing down and getting out of my head

Charlotte Hadfield
Amazing product

Having this grief guide has helped me have a place just for me and Bailee. Getting to write about my daily routine and how I’m feeling gets it out of my head but also helps me track and manage how and why I feel different things. This is a great product and definitely a must have to help the grieving process

So helpful

I'm finding it really helpful and still awestruck that a total stranger gifted it to me.


Really good well thought out,amazing!!