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Kids / Children's / Inclusive Mindfulness Bundle - - Nervy Notes A6 Notepad - Imagine Eating Lemons Book - UV Pen - Kindness Buddie, Worry Stone- Boys - Girls - Children's Mental Health - Educational - Mindfulness - anxiety - Gift - The Honest Family

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Worry Monster

Back to School Bundle - Boys - Girls - Children's Mental Health - Educational Mindfulness anxiety Toy Gift book, Stress relief

Welcome the New School Year with our Enchanting Back-to-School Bundle!

At The Honest Family, we believe in turning the back-to-school excitement into a journey of mindfulness and positivity. Our curated Back-to-School Bundle is more than just stationery – it's a toolbox of joy, designed to empower children to face challenges with confidence and embrace moments of calm.

What's Included:

  • UV "Secret Agent" Pen Light: Illuminate imagination with our UV pen that adds an element of intrigue to every note. Unveil secret messages under the UV light – a playful way to spark curiosity and creativity.

  • Mini Worry Monster Keyring: Meet your child's new confidant, a worry monster with a zip mouth that devours worries and stressors. This keyring companion is here to listen and lighten their load.

  • Nervy Notes A6 Notepad: 50 pages of "safe space" for them to write down or draw their thoughts and worries which then they give to their Worry Monster to Gobble up!

  • Lemon Scented Stickers: Bring a burst of lemony freshness to notebooks, drawings, and spaces. These 20 scented stickers add a cheerful touch to their world.

  • "IMAGINE EATING LEMONS" Book By Justin Rhodes:  Delve into the world of mindfulness with this captivating paperback. Vibrant illustrations, a playful rhyme, and the endearing Sammy the snail make mindfulness engaging and relatable. (First 20 copies sold are signed by Author)

  • Random Selection Kindness Buddie (Worry Stone): A pocket-sized pal that brings comfort on the go. Designed to fit perfectly in a bag or a worry monster's tummy, this plush buddy is a reminder of kindness and courage.

Why Choose Our Bundle:

Our Back-to-School Bundle is a gentle embrace that supports children's emotional growth. It's not just stationery; it's a bridge to mindfulness, creativity, and emotional resilience. By offering a range of tools, we help kids navigate the school year with confidence.

Create Moments of Calm:

The Honest Family's Back-to-School Bundle is an invitation to create moments of calm amidst the busy school days. Let your child explore their feelings, share their worries, and find solace in the little things that spark joy.

Important Notes:

  • UV pen comes in various colours; the magic is in the ink's UV hue.
  • Worry Monster pairs perfectly with the Nervy Notes for a comforting duo.
  • UV pen is safe and non-toxic, suitable for kids aged 3+.

Let's Champion Well-being Together:

The Honest Family stands with you in nurturing well-being. Our products are here to complement professional support and promote positive mindsets. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, and our bundle is a delightful addition to your well-being toolkit.

Price Breakdown :

  1. UV "Secret Agent" Pen Light - Single price £2.00
  2. Mini Worry Monster Keyring - Single price £6.99
  3. Nervy Notes A6 Notepad - Single price £7.00
  4. Lemon Scented Stickers - (20 stickers)- Single price £1.50
  5. IMAGINE EATING LEMONS: Book A Children's Introduction to Mindfulness Paperback Single price £7.99
  6. 1 Random Selection Kindness Buddie (Worry Stone) Single price £9.99

Total Single cost = £35.47

Bundle Prince £24.99!

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Experience the joy of mindful learning with The Honest Family – where well-being and positivity come together.

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