What was said?

I've linked the news article below but Warwickshire council in a meeting they knew was being recorded mentioned parents were sharing advice on how to be diagnosed and mentioned that there weren't children with these needs when they were growing up and 'they must have had better ways of dealing with THEM'.

Do I need to be in Warwickshire to email?

Absolutely not!

These individuals are meant to represent us and represent our children. They are the voice that rings out o set the tone for others so to begin taking people back to thinking children should be left alone and tied to radiators rather than being nurtured and given strategies to help support them is Ludacris .

Who to send the email to?

You can copy and paste these names

Email Template 1

Subject: Urgent Concerns Regarding Recent Councillor Comments

Dear Warwickshire Council,

I am deeply troubled by the recent comments made by certain councillors during a recorded meeting regarding children with additional needs. Suggestions of there previously being a 'better way of dealing with THEM'. Those previous ways of dealing with children with additional needs were awful and inhumane, often being placed in institutions and being labelled as 'the naughty children.

Children with additional needs deserve dignity and respect, not to be treated as inconveniences.

We urge the council to take immediate action, conduct a thorough investigation, and implement training to prevent such incidents in the future. These members need to be held accountable.

Please reaffirm your commitment to inclusivity and compassion for all members of our community.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Email Template 2

Subject: Formal Complaint: Inappropriate Comments by Councillors

Dear Warwickshire Council,

I am writing to express serious concern regarding the recent inappropriate comments made by Councillors Jeff Morgan, Brian Hammersley, and Clare Golby during a recorded meeting.

Councillor Morgan's questioning of children's behaviour, Councillor Hammersley's flippant remark about "something in the water," and Councillor Golby's insinuation about social media's role in diagnoses are insensitive and damaging.

These remarks undermine the trust and respect we expect from our elected representatives. I urge the council to investigate and take appropriate action to address this issue promptly.

[Your Name]

Do you have the link to the petition?

Yes please click here to sign the petition to Demand Warwickshire Council to Prioritise SEN Funding Dismiss Discriminatory Councillors

Warwickshire Council need to be held accountable

The comments made by Warwickshire Council about children with disabilities is disgraceful. We need to complain about this and to make it easier I've created a template you can copy and paste into an email to email to the correct people.

"The Honest Family saved me, they pulled me back from the brink of doing something I couldn't take back. When I couldn't see through the darkness you were a light, Thank you"